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Miranda and Brandon Separate #28dayslater #day18

today's challenge was to write a play that turned on an emoticon. the eagle eyed will note the return of Miranda and Brandon from #day5 with #mamasbrokenheart here you go. MIRANDA AND BRANDON SEPARATE An open plan living room and kitchen in a nice house in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, in Georgia, southern USA. MIRANDA is lying on the couch looking at her phone. There is a gun on the coffee table and a suitcase next to it. BRANDON enters. They are a good looking couple. That has to be part of the problem. MIRANDA Brandon. You forgot your phone. BRANDON continues toward her in silence. He notices the gun. MIRANDA notices him and very calmly pulls it towards herself. MIRANDA I’m either goin’ to shoot you or leave you. BRENDAN Tell me honey are you drunk? MIRANDA That doesn’t matter. BRENDAN What’s happened here? MIRANDA Your phone is happening here Brendan. And don’

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