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Edfringe 2017

And we are back:

Amy Conway's Super Awesome World: This was genuinely moving and lovely. A one woman show putatively defending video games but actually about her fight with depression. The wrestling was never simplistic, even if the insights weren't perhaps searing. Full of wonderful moments.

Zach & Viggo:  See earlier blog post.

Locked in the Small Animal Hospital. If you have never played the locked-in games, it involves being locked in a room and having to solve a series of increasingly complex puzzles in order to eventually unlock the door. You play against time. This was not strictly speaking a play but it was a blast and it was a great workout for my brain. We did it first thing in the morning so we would be fresh, which may explain our record time.

How To Be A Kid Again. This was a threehander at Summerhall that was not about how to be a kid again at all, but was rather a story of a 12 yo taken into care. The 12 yo was very odd, played by a woman in her 20s. I looked at…

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