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Micah White on the Paradise Papers and then me on HOW TO FIX EVERYTHING.

Continuing on the Occupy themes of this blog that allow me to vet my constant pre-occupation with how are we going to fix everything.
Micah White has just sent an email about the Paradise Papers and I want to put the message out, even though I don't agree with his conclusion:
He starts well:
The fundamental lesson of the Panama and Paradise Papers is twofold. First, the people everywhere, regardless of whether they live in Russia or America, are being oppressed by the same minuscule social circle of wealthy elites who unduly control our governments, corporations, universities and culture.
We now know without a doubt – thanks to the incontrovertible evidence provided by the Panama and Paradise Papers – that there is a global plutocracy who employ the same handful of companies to hide their money and share more in common with each other than with the citizens of their countries. This sets the stage for a global social movement.
Second, and most importantly, these leaks indicate that o…

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