Dancing to sleep: The Playlist

Liberty is four and a half months old and this is what we danced to this evening:

1. Non-stop Wombling Summer Party, Best of the Wombles. If you are American, just let this one slide.

2. Lullaby Baby Blue, Keb Mo

3. Frosty the Snowman , The Spectorettes (Don't judge: Phil Spector was a musical genius without whom we would be much poorer culturally. If Spector and the Beach Boys hadn't been competing on the "wall of sound" style, imagine how much poorer we would be. No Help Me Rhonda? I don't want to live in that world. He nearly deserved to get away with murder.)

4. Icecream Man, David Lee Roth

5. Got My Mojo Working, Muddy Waters (I got my mojo working, but it just don't work on you.)

6. Frog Went A Courtin', Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band.

Now she's asleep. I recommend these and the incomparable classic album entitled No! by They Might Be Giants, Latin Lullabies and the second movement of Beethoven's fifth piano concerto (for sleeping - it is a soft piece throughout which makes it great for babies and it is one of the greatest compositions ever written for piano).


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