Empire Blue - sitcom pilot

Is the name of the sitcom pilot I just finished.

By reading this you agree that the characters are completely fictional and bear no intentional resemblance to any living person.

Set in London in 2000, Empire Blue chronicles three women's struggle to bring a chaotic internet start-up company from the verge of bankruptcy to riches and success.

Colby was head of marketing and I was general counsel at an internet start-up in London seven years ago. We bonded through the sometimes hilarious and sometimes terrifying experience and vowed to write a sitcom about a much different experience than we actually had.

And we have. We have worked really, really hard on this in bursts since 2006 and had some great feedback for rewrites. It has taught us to love re-writing, I'll tell you that, not an easy lesson. And I laughed so hard writing it, I am grateful that we wrote.

But if you happen to want to see the pilot, to, I don't know, send it to any tv producers or actors you know, please drop me a line.


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