The White Tiger Movies

Before I tell you about the White Tiger Movies, let me say this. One of the greatest joys currently in my life is discussing stories with my son. I don't know if he senses that I love stories or whether I just gave him my love of stories, but there is nothing greater than listening to someone you love tell a good story, especially when it's your son.

When I made up stories as a child this was very much frowned upon and punshed as lying. Understandably, my parents thought it was their job as parents to get their children to distinguish between fantasy and reality. To them it was this clear, this bipolar: truth and lies, fantasy and reality.

I very self-consciously tolerate - and maybe even encourage - my son to just tell me what he is thinking. I let his fantasy life mix easily with reality and don't really bother pointing out which is which. I think it much more important for him to develop the ability to describe what is going on in his mind. Why not? He is a well-behaved and reasonable child.

And he really tells pretty marvelous stories. He re-tells the Harry Potter but in his version, Harry's parents never died. They enroll as students in Hogwarts with Harry and they don't really do much. They are always in the background, though, to lend support. (Noted.)

But his big plan is to create The White Tiger Movies: ten CGI features about one white tiger hero. (He is going to be a movie man, he tells me.)

In the first White Tiger Move, the hero's parents, the King and Queen of White Tiger Land, are killed at the hero's wedding.

Very gripping first scene. Royalty popular subject for plays. (think Shakespeare)

The hero and his brother hunt the killers (rivals to the throne) throughout the movie. The hero's son is born. An epic battle between the White Tigers and the rivals leaves the brother dead. End of first film.

He is five years old and this stuff Kill Bill meets Lysystrata. A London theatre director once told me that great directors are just born. Maybe, but I have to credit Pixar (Toy Story, Monsters Inc) for my son's understanding of the importance of a hero, a hero spurred to greatness by extreme events (Woody, Sully, The Old Guy from Up, Wall-E, The Incredibles).

He should shoot for getting the Kennedy Center Honors before I am too old to enjoy it. I heard they serve vintage Champagne at the ceremony and it's a week of great parties.

Yes, for me it is all about the parties.


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