This Is Why The Bankers Have So Much Power Over Us

Today at work we had an accounting issue, nothing really major, just that it affects our contracts so I have to pay attention to it instead of letting the accountants pay attention to the accounting, which is what I try so very hard to let them do. When I deal with sales or marketing or operations, I try to get them to tell me as much as possible about what is going on so that I have a fuller understanding of the company's legal needs. But, whoa, when I deal with accountants although I have the same desire to be an excellent lawyer, I cannot follow what they are saying without falling into a kind of waking coma. Seriously, they will try to explain something to me and I will be scanning the on-line grocer in my head before they have finished the sentence. Accounting issues are in a category my husband calls "Megos". My Eyes Glaze Over. Definition: things that you know are desperately important but you can't drum up any interest in it.

Maybe society is actually having so many problems with banks - fundamental requirements of civilization, by the way, gotta move capital to make things happen. Maybe banks we have to shake ourselves out of the Mego torpor. They treat us like shit, they offload too much risk to the consumer, they don't show good judgment in investment of capital - to say the least. I would make this a call to arms, but I do tend to harp on about this economic crisis so I won't do it here. Maybe we have to overcome the Mego. Either that or we have to figure out what kind of evil spell they learn to cast in those "accounting" classes. That would really shake people up a little, huh? Accuse them of being witches? Get all Crucible on their asses? I realize this is foolish, but I have always wanted to be in a riot.

Baby is awake.


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