Pending verification by the Blues Brothers, a message from God

There is so much to write about - I have seen 15 plays and shows and want to tell you about them all.  My annual present to myself, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Thousands of Jacobs, wrestling with their angels, demanding the truth.

I wandered in a swoon through Richard Bach's pictures from the bible.  His nativity, passion, Tower of Babel and depictions of heaven and hell done as mosaics of modern images.  In these times, it seems to me, atheist or theist, it makes sense to look at these archetypes, these images, and ask what they tell us about our times.  Our times now.

In the States everyone told me about the searing heat of the summer.  Searing heat.  And then an earthquake, that reaches to the United States capitol and while ignoring all other buildings, alters forever the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral.  A visual assault on the most easily recognized icons of church and state.  I am finding the fact that these buildings were the only ones damaged too much to bear.  I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.  I guess at a time when I am obsessed with the nature of the law and the state, of God and belief and identity we also seem to be having a lot of extreme events displaying the raw power of the earth.  And at the heart of my own obsession, I feel that power and I want to speak for the earth.  Problem is, that would probably buy me a couple weeks at the Priory.  Because I know, other people don't see it that way.

I know.  I still do though.  I don't care whether you call what happened God or Karma, or the power of the very earth rising up against a parasite as I described in my first dream:

Here is the earlier blog post so you don't have to look it up: 

I had a dream. I had a dream last night and in the dream I was watching the sea with some men I did not know. And the sky was white, swirling light. And I felt dread and fear. The sea came over the earth and enveloped it in water and I saw dolphins, soldiers, swimming in formation to attack the people of the earth. Then I saw in the sky a prism and a black rainbow and I was afraid. I looked to the men who were with me. They could not see what I had seen. I knew more.

It's hard, I grew up in a Christian home and I ingested plenty of Old Testament stories.  I read Revelations.  Plus I get messianic and people I respect consider that pathological.  Still.  If I was still a Christian I would be hard-pressed not to consider in light of my Christian traditions the reality of these earthquakes.  What is God trying to tell you?  (Answer:  He is trying to tell you to read my blog)

  I am no longer a Christian and I am even more hardpressed to ignore this event.  What if all the yogis are right, and the earth will be balanced when we are balanced?  What if you think the fact that an earthquake took out the two poignant symbols of church and state in Washington is a pure coincidence? Perhaps you could still have some reservations about the bloated corporations that have slowly replaced over time our religions, our corporations and our sovereigns?  About the nature of the economy when capital is concentrated in the hands of too few? 

Usually on a good day - and almost always when I post a poem - I get around 60 blog hits.  When I wrote the previous piece on the riots, all of a sudden I had a couple thousand.  I don't know why, but two of the comments speculated  that perhaps the far left (if you can call me far left and not just far OUT)  and the far right have more in common than we think.  No matter where you come from, ideologically, chances are you are not very happy with the way things are now.  Probably, like me, not enough to quit your job and take to the streets and do the hard work of clawing back power from institutions to people, but I don't know, I get closer every day. 


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