Justice is Possible

When I got out of the Priory in May 2004, the shrink told me that I would not treasure what I had thought and said during my manic phase.  He said it would all be nonsense in retrospect.  Of course, as men in positions of authority so often are, as we as humans so often are, he was completely dead ass wrong. 

What I wanted to do when I was crazy is start The Jedi Project.  Founded on the principal that there was fundamentally no difference between sovereigns, religions, corporations and banks, that they should all be transparent and accountable to their shareholders, workers, citizens, voters and gods.  Along these lines new laws could be written so that these legal fictions of human organizations served human well-being, served the well-being of the planet, served the well-being of our souls and of our happiness, served to further appreciation of the sweet goodness of life, our commonwealth.  I imagined the coming of this project as an IPO the whole world could buy into.  Money is not the enemy.  Capitalism is not the enemy, the enemy is these legal fictions and how they loom as the machines in the Matrix and in the Terminator films, how they loom as Darth Vader's Republic, how they have insidiously and ingeniously put the government and universities of this world at their beck and call.  I blame no one person and I do not call it greed.  Our liberties have been restricted by our own stale laws which we have outgrown.  It is time to write new laws, and for that we need a new theory.  I think this theory is what many in the Occupy movement are struggling to find in their own hearts. 

Anyway, I recovered from the mental hospital drugging me out of my manic, ecstatic, philosophical realizations, which took many years, and I have two children I have raised.  I blog for them because to sit and be completely honest with myself on these pages about who I am fosters a full humanity that I want my children to possess, and which I am sure you want your children to possess.  Some form of authenticity, some form of internal justice and mercy. 

You see, I moved here to write plays and be a writer and it is that kind of unbearable honesty that I admire in other people's writing.  While I was working on the play of my life, Mother Daughter Holy Spirit, I flew to DC to be with my dramaturg for a final five day push and I had a dream.  Two dreams, actually. 

In the first dream I was watching a shoreline from a concrete embankment with faceless white men in suits.  I felt great fear.  Flashes of white light in the sky preceded what I can only describe as a black prism and rainbow.  Then a wave taller than the Chrysler building engulfed us and over us through the water I could see dolphins, swimming in military formation carrying ammunition, and I felt their unstoppable rage and I was so frightened.  Then the vision disappeared and I was back on the embankment and I turned to the men speechless at the vision.  But they had not seen it.  They could not see it. 

Those men, are, of course, the representatives of our banks, corporations, governments and religions.  They are faceless fictions created by law.  The dolphins expressed the rage of the earth and the rage in all our souls against how consumerism, and the whims of sovereigns are starting to destroy us, body and soul, earth and human.  We are all one with the earth, right, we are all part of the same big cookie, this project of god if you must, in the end. 

The first dream was immediately followed by a second dream.  In that dream I heard a man crying out in real suffering.  I turned a corner and in a bricked back garden, a man in a suit, like the men in the first dream, was pinned to the ground.  He was lying there against his will, on him was an oversized and incredibly lovable huge Bernese Mountain Dog, sitting patiently, happy and expectant.  As I got closer, I saw the man had dropped his briefcase, and then I saw behind the dog a woman, a woman like an Italian mother, broad in a black dress, clutching a pocket book, unhappy to be there and frightened but still, sitting there.  Despite the screams of anguish from the man, I felt happy and energized, and I walked away without changing a thing. 

If the man is all our sovereigns, corporations, religions and banks, then the dog is what the Occupy movement starts to bring.  The dog is the balance of our humanity, the commonwealth of the earth and its resources, which must only be shared among us to be enough.  The dog is every animal on this earth, every tree, every stream, every flower, and the dog is the animal part of humans too, he is us, he is the part of us that is if you must a child of god, craving justice and beauty, truth and joy.  We need only find that part of ourselves and climb up there with that dog to put the earth back into its proper balance.
The Occupy movement, as it is rapidly unfolding, seems to be that dog, seeking first to shrink the power of corporations.  I mean, it's just messed up what we have now.  Governments feel they must serve corporations and banks, Universities feel they must serve corporations in order to be endowed.  Political candidates are supplicants to them, and their escalation of the economy in the voracious unending quest for profit and money has damaged the earth.  That is why the dolphins are so mad. 

But look, the second dream is coming true and we have a chance to write new laws, where justice and mercy to ourselves and to the earth is the first and highest calling of the law, the spirit, the spirit must prevail.  Call it a brand, call it a holy thing, call it what you will.

My saying on Facebook is Fiat Justia Ruat Coelum.  This means:  Let justice be done though the heavens be torn asunder .  Justice is our responsibility here on earth.  People are starving, the earth is being poisoned, the earth we leave for our children becomes more horrible every year we do nothing.  Doing nothing now is to choose to stand on the side of the oppressor, of the clueless men in suits in my dream.  Let the heavens be torn asunder. What we can do is write some new corporate laws.  The lineage of the Corp in corporations is of course corpus, the body, the flesh.  How perfectly ironic that we have let this legal fiction hurt our flesh and create a rat race of the world where we are its scuttling servant.  It is not just.

But how wonderful that we live in a time when the dog is just beginning to pin our institutions down.  How important it is to help.  Shrink the getting and spending in you, shrink the banks down, shrink the corporations down and make the government the just voice of the people. 

These dreams I believe are no coincidence, nor my rantings during the Jedi project, nor my education and friends and influences.  I believe I am well situated to help.  I want to help this leaderless movement.  And I think it is perfect that the movement is leaderless and that must continue:  we are all parts of the dog, now, right, or we're that reluctant woman and now we have to climb on top and stick it to the man.  And to do that we need no leaders rising up to have more power, we need the ideas to prevail, the ideas of justice and compassion and love, how they manifest in our own hearts and lives is much more important than any leader, and it is only by finding them in ourselves that we can save ourselves. 


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