A Message to the City of London and all Humans on Earth

Please consider reading this.  It is relevant to you only if you are human and seek justice on this earth.  Justice is an idea we have all forgotten, an idea that we are too cynical to believe will ever be a word applicable to any reality we encounter.  And yet.  And yet it is this cry that comes from all of our hearts, it is the highest and best truth in action that makes humanity wonderful.  It is something we have forsaken.  We have forsaken justice for money, we humans, and it is the oldest story in the book but here we are once again.   I ask all of you:  what does justice mean to you?  Where is it?  Do you see it in the government?  Do you find it in your church?  Do you see it in the marketplace?  Does the ordering of the powers of the earth sit well with your soul?  Or are things dark and in fact immoral?  They are dark and immoral for me. 

I personally am too tired, it is making me exhausted, watching all this immoral activity within our governments and banks.  We were not vigilant in protecting our liberty which give voice to justice (all liberty lusts for justice).  We were distracted by the price of our houses and the comparative advantage we had against our neighbo(u)rs in all the things money can buy.  Consumerism, the constant getting and spending, it lulled us - its part in our lives is too bloated and too big and it has dulled us all.  While it dulled us,  the government has taken our young for unjust wars.  And a few get ever richer to the ruination of the rest of us.  And the survival of the very Earth looms in the horizon, we have been such poor stewards, we have been such poor stewards of the earth.  The health of our bodies and the planet is in peril.

But these are wrongs that can be righted.  Justice is possible.

And justice - truth - has gathered as the idea that unites this leaderless, disparate collection of people dedicated to bringing about a better world known as the Occupation.   A nice clean church meeting, shareholder meeting or electoral candidate - that is not what cam to you seeking justice.  This is what came.   And you would do well to open your eyes and open your ears and listen to the Occupation.

Our governments do not aid justice.  Our churches do not aid justice (feel free to prove me wrong).  Our employers do not aid justice.  Our banks do not aid justice, nor can they ever without a true, strong reformation.  If you want them to aid justice and thus to give your children a much greater world than the one we have lived in, then you need to support this Occupation.  I know you don't like the tents.  The tents are a distraction.  I know you don't like the anarchism - that is not a given.  What is to like is much more important than our differences - what is to like is the commonality between us.  The spirit is awoken.  Let your spirit awaken to the justice you want in your heart and in your life and in your country.

 Let justice sweep over you, you who now in your lives and jobs do not believe justice is possible.  Believe.  It is possible.  It is possible for the good people of England, of London, of Britain, of every place, to take the goodness of life back for themselves, even after being trod upon for decades. It is possible to be Robin Hood. And like Robin Hood, we rise and rise again until the lambs become lions and we take back our cities and our lands, without violence, with unity, with hope.   The people of England can live through anything.  And they could live through the terrible dark ages of capitalism that will come if we do nothing. Or they fcould rise up and not only live but thrive.  No one else is coming to make the world you know you long for in your heart.  These guys have come.  They deserve our support. They need our assistance.  We need our assistance.  Help them and you help yourself. 

People excoriated me for bringing my children to St. Paul's during Occupy Half Term.  And while I don't think my 7 year old really absorbed many of the finer points of anarchy, he did see people standing up for what their hearts told them.  And people like that are good to be around.  They liberate you to speak from your own heart and to be who you truly are, because there is this nice unity in their spirit.  This kind of unity you don't see in the average high street shopping specimen. They give me hope.  People ask why now, why did you start now and the answer is, because the Occupation gives me hope.  No one else gives me hope.  No one else has an agenda I can respect and hope to give my children.  I am a mum with a mortgage who shops at Boden online.  I buy lattes from Starbucks and I eat Subway sandwiches sometimes.  I am a reformist not a revolutionary.  But I believe justice is possible if only we come together and support those standing up for justice, in their weird contingent way, in their joyful way.

Everyone should look at their local Occupation and be like Mary.  Be like Mary.  Go away and ponder these things in your hearts.


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