Occupy Wall Street: This is a flowering of the human spirit.

I posted on the Occupy London Stock Exchange page that I felt like Neo after he took the red pill, I feel I have woken up.  I am so excited - I did not know that it was possible to feel such hope.  I remember Gerald Frug in my first year contracts class warned us that we would soon see our choices as inevitable and the world that we live in unchangeable, and that would be the real tragedy of our lives.  The way that the world is, we are learning this year, is not at all inevitable.  Justice can replace injustice.  And justice is what the people are crying out for.  You know there is a lot of talk about demands and I wish everyone would shut up about the demands.  We need only silently stand together and show the power structures that they simply must serve the 99 and not the 1.  And to show them that, we need not speak, we need not issue a single demand.  The call for justice is somewhat beyond language anyway.  Just the fact of standing together.  Just the fact. 

I partly feel like I swallowed the red pill because I am seeing everything in such a different way.  The poison of bloated capitalism has infected our arts, our markets, our information, our well-being, our lives.  I see it everywhere.  And even though I am at heart probably a reformist rather than a revolutionary, the braver I try to be and the more I think about it, the more I come to hope for the possibility of revolution.  Our wars could cease.  The hungry could be fed.  Wealth can come back to the 99 and flow through it.  We could begin to heal the world and use the best and the brightest of us to solve the problems of clean energy and a sustainable planet. 

I have always tried to be a warrior of thought, to think swiftly and accurately and bravely, questioning my own conclusions at every step of the way.and a keen student of moral philosophy and all the suspicions and instincts, dreams and visions, the narrative of my mania:  it all comes together for me now. 

But I'm going out dancing.  More later.


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