Petition to the General Assembly of Occupy London from Occupy Half Term

First many profound thanks to John from Outreach, Ruth, Kai for the invitation to speak at the General Assembly today.   Those words about mom (mums I think we have to go with here) and teaching our children what to respect and yearning for justice were the words of my heart and I was grateful to share them.

I was interviewed by the Independent on Sunday afterwards, and people in the crowd, among them a professor from Oxford, an independent filmmaker, both expressed that my words resonated with them and they struggled in how to be involved in the movement from where they were. 

So second, I petition the General Assembly to publicize Occupy Half Term. My view is that bringing the middle class mums in sooner rather than later is good.   I guarantee we are a force to be reckoned with. 

Third  Let me explain Occupy Half Term:  there is a flyer in the Info Tent.  If you as I believe that broader support for Occupy among the middle class, and especially middle class mums, is crucial to the success of the task of bringing together the 99 (and if you believe that bringing the 99 together is now your task), then perhaps you would be inclined to consider the following:

The Plan So Far:
1.  The plan is to meet in the Cambridge train station and go together on the 10:15 to Liverpool Street and walk from Liverpool Street to St. Pauls.  How wonderful if we were met at the train station by someone and we walked together through the streets, children and mums.
2.  When we arrive at the camp, I  propose (and have started) the following agenda:

  a. I have asked Anonymous to have a full question and answer session with the kids in their masks.  I have promised the mums that the kids can ask whatever they want - why they are there, what they want, why they wear the masks.
b.  I have asked Ruth to speak from Global Women's Strike and answer questions.
c.  Tour of the camp and a walk around St. Paul's
d.  Attendance at a General Assembly:  to see the practices and protocols  
e.  Kids General Assembly:  where the kids discuss what they have seen so far and what they think and the adults listen.  [twenty minutes]
f.  Dancing:  A Revolution without dancing is not worth having, right?  This movement makes me joyful and gives me hope and that is a wonderful reason to dance.   
g.  a parade back to Liverpool Street 

  I also ask the General Assembly for assistance in recording the event.  I imagine that these discreet parts could be filmed and released on YouTube in parts:  These could then be publicized for any school that wants information about the Occupation.  TentCityUniversity could perhaps guide the filming or run the Kids General Assembly?  My view is that getting positive information directly to the middle class unfiltered by main stream media would be a great step forward for the Occupation, and you could perhaps have the youtube clips available for other children who visit. 

I firmly believe that truth in action, justice is happening and I want children to be able to bear witness.  Suffer the little children, please. 

Finally, would you consider petitioning St. Paul's to open for tourists during Occupy Half Term?  A lot of the children coming have never been inside and it may be a way forward in working things out with them.  I actually think the Christians should organize and petition St. Paul's if you have any of them at the camp. 

Thank you for reading this and I am sorry I cannot be there.   Thank you for giving me hope and helping me spread the word. 

Rachel Mariner

Facebook Group: Occupy Half Term


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