Today is Occupy Half Term

I just did my fourth radio interview - pretty hostile- where the DJ excoriated the camp at St. Pauls (to which he had never been, of course) for closing St. Paul's, excoriated the protesters for having a camp, for not sleeping in the tents, and then asked me why on earth I would want to take my children to see people LIKE THAT.  (Better people LIKE THAT than DJs LIKE HIM)

  St. Paul's closed St. Paul's because its own trustees (banks) want to paint the protesters in as negative light as possible.  The Occupation did not close St. Pauls.  St. Pauls closed St. Pauls.  People have set up an Occupation because social protests that DO NOT MOVE are more effective than ones that do.  I want my children to meet these people and soak up this vibe because I RESPECT what they are trying to do - build a better world and I DON'T RESPECT the government.  I hope those answers came across as ok. 

The bullshit that is thrown at the people in the camps is unbelievable.  These guys are being asked to defend their actions, clean the camp, formulate a manifesto, build a bridge to the non-camping supporters of the Occupation.  I mean, it's not Syria, they are not getting shot, but man, these guys are working very hard to answer a myriad of claims and it is a burden.  This is not a brand.  This is not a corporation.  These are people making up a lot of stuff as they go along and it is hard work.  

I have been strangely exhausted and discouraged trying to push this to fruition the last few days.  We will go today and what will be will be and I will as in every trial and presentation I have ever had in my life think only about its deficiencies and not its strengths. 

It would be much safer to go shopping with the kids today except that I hate shopping, I hate injected molded plastic, I hate the way entering a store makes you feel insufficient, makes you feel need, robs you of the integrity of your identity a little bit.  I hate that how much money people makes is a kind of calibration of worth in our society.  I hate that people are really suffering out there.  I find the indifference of this government to be tyrannical.  I find our relationship to our government to be completely out of whack. 

It may be only me, Liberty and Owain out there today.  But no matter what it is, I am glad I took this stand and made this decision.  My parenting obligations include introducing my children to reality and today that will happen for my kids much moreso than the kids who go to play at the Disney store. 

With affection to my ten readers and a promise of more later from my self-pitying middle class mum self.


  1. I heard you speak at the Occupation on Saturday. Now I follow you on twitter and I read your blogs. You are right. You express what many of us feel. You are inspirational. You will make the difference that you desire.

  2. Hi, so good to know someone like yourself is in the Cambridge area. Couldnt get to the Occupation but hope to catch up on all that soon with Cambs against the Cuts and others. its so important that your children are really getting the real education and not just being brainwashed ( School, Tv and all the rest) I work the same way. Hope our paths can cross. Kathrine Brannan Cambridge

  3. Hi Rachel
    occupy half-term was a fantastic idea and I would love for you to come on my radio show on Cambridge105 called Rebel Arts Radio to speak about it and maybe bring the kids too ?
    We are the community radio station run by volunteers in Gwydir st so I guarantee no hostility like the Dj you mention !! If you want to check us out you can listen to past shows on .
    Please email ASAP to get in touch . The show is monday night 9-10 but there are opportunities to pre-record over the weekend especially if it's too late for kids BTW you also get to pick a couple of music tracks to play around your interview
    Pete M


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