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Winter Carnival: Justice is Possible

by Douglas Rushkoff: the best analysis so far of Occupy AND a poem!

We Must Love One Another Or Die: An Auden Poem (Happy Thanksgiving)

Winter Carnival Proposal 2: Better than Pepper Spray!

Natwest has come out with a glossy magazine for its Private Banking Clients!

When Everyone Finds You Annoying, You Know You're Getting Somewhere

John of Purton, Author of the Occupier's Prayer

The Occupier's Prayer

Winter Carnival Proposal

Occupy LSX: not an anticapitalist protest, more like a murmuration

It's so obvious I shouldn't have to say it. - Comments on 9 November for the Middle Class

Winter Carnival

From the Preface to Transforming Capitalism from Within

Over to you, middle class, academia, churches, unions and activists

A Response to Patrick Hayes