The Occupier's Prayer

The other day, an old man came up to the microphone during the 1pm general assembly and asked if he could celebrate his upcoming 90th birthday on the site. The GA unanimously agreed. 

He then proceeded to read out the following prayer. He called it occupier's prayer:
LORD, make me an instrument of Thy power to combat evil;
Where there is sabotage of Thy creation; Let me strive to safeguard it.
Where greed seeks to destroy our moral heritage; Let me be first to oppose it.
Where power and money combine to undermine our community life; 
Let me hasten to affirm the supremacy of love of neighbour.
Where there is passivity and conformism to powers of darkness;
Give me courage to radiate the light of truth.

DIVINE MASTER, grant that I may not so much seek to live a quiet life as to join with others to    enhance life, not so much to grab as to give, not to evade my social duty as to shoulder it, and not to fear power as valiantly to strive with others that it shall serve worthy ends; for it is in striving to act with love that we affirm love, in devoting ourselves to noble causes that we are redeemed, and in giving ourselves utterly to the wellbeing of our neighbours, to the service of truth, beauty and the joy of Thy creation, we rise to the life immortal. Amen.


  1. Love this, Rachel. Thanks for posting it. Tears . . . .

  2. Now, Rachel, if this had been the grace spoken on Friday night I would have bowed my head in prayer. (I think you may have missed that bit as you were outside 'getting some fresh air'.)


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