Mississippi Goddam: could I be more alienating?

I struggled with anger today.  I get so incredibly angry that people cannot see the importance of this movement.  I am furious that everyone will not drop everything and help.  My long-standing hatred of humanity has really come back.  Why won't everyone embrace this and give of themselves to make it work?  Why are so many people on the sidelines?  Why?  This is a love revolution, that's what this is, and things are bad so what the hell is the problem with giving this a try?  That's what I don't understand. I don't think people really are sheeples.  I think a lot of people have had their humanity poisoned by consumerism and, let's face it, money, so much so that they do not even have the language or the breadth of thinking required to see what joy and happiness and healing we could bring to the world.  But I think even the most poisoned of us still have hearts that ache for love and justice. And all of us want our children to have bigger, cleaner lives with more love and a healthier earth and moral government. We all want that. 

So why are people letting these brave people at the camp languish and be abused by the police?  Why aren't we helping them?  Until we take them in and listen to their message of love, they will not leave their tents.  They deserve a hero's welcome.  They deserve a parade.  Really, they deserve our respect and attention.  And they deserve some fun.

I am a huge Nina Simone fan but I always disliked Mississippi Goddam about the civil rights movement because she gets so angry talking about how slow justice is, how slowly equality came to the United States.  Her anger is unpleasant.  I am sure mine is.  At least now now I get hers.  Once your eyes are opened to how change is possible and justice is possible, you get very impatient. 

Or, I get very impatient.  And I am especially impatient with people of faith and activists.  These guys are living your principles.  They want to do your work.  They want to share your virtues and burdens. 

If you believe in God, then this is your chance to show us, because we have sold the great gift of our lives for money and it has too much control over us. 


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