Winter Carnival: Ten

 For discussion purposes only: 

Revised Winter Carnival Proposal
put forth by the Winter Carnival Working Group

We recognize and respect the essential differences between people of faith, people of no faith tradition (who are people of good faith) and the Occupation.

We embrace, however, our commonality and believe it to be more important than our differences.

We are united in our fervent desire for justice, and united in understanding that the Occupy movement presents an opportunity (an unimaginably great opportunity) to bring the best desires of our hearts into this world.

We understand that there are deep moral failings in our governments and markets.

We recognize that these moral failings are as a result of choices some humans have made.

We want to make more moral choices. 

We therefore want to remind ourselves of our moral traditions.  And we must learn anew what they mean for today. 

For these reasons, we have named ten weekends throughout the dark cold winter and ten virtues, or values: 

Tolerance [diversity?  respect? love.  I think this one should be called love?],
Generosity [could rename charity?],
Temperance [prudence?],
Courage, [Fortitude]
Liberation [could rename freedom? or Liberty? ; )]
The environment/Stewardship/Green/Environmental

Ten sacred ideas.  On those ten weekends, the Church of England and the Occupation will meet to discuss the sacred texts and modern failings of these virtues.  The proposed format can be replicated any place, any synagogue, temple, mosque, church, town hall, living room,or school.  It can be modified.


1.   If the [summit/meeting] is in the evening, a Candelit procession to the meeting place for the town or neighbourhood. 

2.  Once in the meeting place, the format is

a.  Reading from Sacred Texts by people to whom the text is sacred or important (Koran, Bible, Pagan writings) (music could be offered instead of a reading, or a short film).  Readers are asked to bring the members of their community if they are in one.  It is essential that at least two communities or faith traditions participate here, as the point is to engage with others.  (With respect for our differences and an eye on our commonality, to engage with others.)
b.  The vision of Occupy:  how the virtue under discussion informs the Initial Statement, and ideas for making the UK (whether it is our governments, our markets or ourselves) more reflect this virtue.

c.  A public discussion - This could be comments and questions, or it could take the form of a general assembly, and people could identify the commonality between a and b enough to vote assent to proposals.

3.  Anything else is in the discretion of the locality.  If people want to have an ancillary arts festival based on that weekend’s virtue, then they can.  If they want to organize a big party or a potluck, they can.  If schoolteachers want to teach the virtue that week, they can. 


We propose the following schedule:

January 21-22 Tolerance [diversity?  respect? love.  I think this one should be called love?],
January 28-29 Generosity [could rename charity?],
February 4-5 Temperance [prudence?],
February 11-12 Accountability,
February 18-19 Courage, [Fortitude]
February 25-26 Equality,
March 3-4 Liberation [could rename freedom? or Liberty? ; )]
March 10-11 The environment/Stewardship/Green/Environmental
March 17-18 Democracy
March 24-25 Justice

For everyone’s information, here are the ten statements as amended. 

Over 500 people on the steps of St Paul’s, #occupylsx collectively agreed the initial statement. Like all forms of direct democracy, the statement will always be a work in progress and used as a basis for further discussion and debate.
1.      The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; this is where we work towards them.
2.      We are of all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities dis/abilities and faiths. We stand together with occupations all over the world.
3.      We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis.
4.      We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. We demand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.
5.      We want regulators to be genuinely independent of the industries they regulate.
6.      We support the strike on the 30th November and the student action on the 9th November, and actions to defend our health services, welfare, education and employment, and to stop wars and arms dealing.
7.      We want structural change towards authentic global equality. The world’s resources must go towards caring for people and the planet, not the military, corporate profits or the rich.
8.      The present economic system pollutes land, sea and air, is causing massive loss of natural species and environments, and is accelerating humanity towards irreversible climate change. We call for a positive, sustainable economic system that benefits present and future generations. [1]
9.      We stand in solidarity with the global oppressed and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others in causing this oppression.
10.  This is what democracy looks like. Come and join us!


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