You Are All Very Disappointing

I am agitated with the state of the world.  I have been sick and the key to getting better has been to figure out how to not be mad at myself for being sick, so I could just let myself be sick and get better, instead of inflicting shame and guilt and suffering on the proceedings which is my proclivity fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it.  Oh, my God, did you really just make it past that last sentence?  It is appalling.

So this break from directing massive outrage on myself results in my outrage against my generation.  I am really fucking upset about how my beloved United States is held hostage by corporate interests, by money, by lobbyists.  So much so that I get these Christmas cards, which I love, I love, love, love to get Christmas cards but the ones that say Peace on Earth really just piss me off.  Because for the love of God, if Peace on Earth was important, really important, then we would have it.

It cannot be that we are all so busy with the treadmill of consumerism that the rank hypocrisy of this message  goes unnoticed?  Come on.  What do we do for peace?  Peace in our own souls, peace in our schools?  What do we do?  How can I watch Obama cry to universal acclaim for the killing of twenty of ours when the civilian casualties in Iraq go unnumbered (estimated as high as one million people, clearly north of 300,000).  What holocaust do we not know that is yet blood on our hands?  Corporations, sovereigns, religions:  these things have made us blind to our own humanity.  The moneychangers are in the temple, in the church, in the government.  All of our lives are being stolen for money and we are conspiring by working, buying, conceding to the culture without questioning instead of fixing this ill for the sake of our children.  And we do this knowing our earth is being hurt perhaps beyond repair by our own actions, and knowing that in our culture we murder each other for sport.

And we keep taking our kids to school and working and keeping up.  Myself included.  So I cannot judge.  But man, spare me the cards that are really looking for a miracle - Peace on Earth - unless you are willing for that miracle to come.  Unless you will lend your voice and your vote and your time.  Or at the very least open your eyes to the truth of your country, your earth and your children's future.

Sorry to be so mean.    


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