Letter to Secretary Clinton

To me the most interesting question of our time is whether Hilary Rodham Clinton will run for president in 2016. The prospect is really wonderful, so much so that women are planning and hoping in Washington right now.

I hope with my whole heart that she runs. First because she could set in motion great advances for our country by rising to the bipartisan reconciliation that I think she would be capable of. In my mind, she would be capable of running and winning as an independent, perhaps even creating a new party. Perhaps even being like the very revolutionaries she admires. She and the President already have a big place in history. There is no question they have been public servants who have earned their place in history.

But how big a piece of history can they claim? Not enough. America's greatness is being stifled by the locked-down party system and the need for voting reform. Lobbyists choke lawmaking.  The middle class is being choked out and is soon to retire. All those issues they dealt with back in Arkansas need their help again: the aging, the medical system, the schools. The people Secretary Clinton took care of her entire political career are in jeopardy because of the new slavery. The burden of our time is that corporations are people and money is speech. That is the new slavery from which she could take us.

If Hilary Rodham Clinton would step away from any political party that requires deference to banks and run a true populist campaign, the mothers would listen. The young would listen. Our elders would listen. And think if the President campaigned for her. She  more than anyone else I know could fearlessly tackle wealth inequality- grasp that freedom and change our world. If she set big ambitious goals to make our country and our world much better for our children, women would help. The young would help. She knows what she is doing. Who else has been a senator and Secretary of State? She should dream big, be an idealist, be the leader. She doesn't need to log ten million flight miles. No way. Look, W was President and he never worked more than three hours a day.  A healthy and peaceful lifestyle (hopefully free of Jay-Z) could be built into the job.

I don't know what she wants in her heart, and I respect whatever that is, but maybe she doesn't know exactly what she wants. Maybe she wants some input. Not about the gamesmanship required in political compromise (for God's sake, she was willing to listen to Dick Morris on that one), but about the big picture. The perspective of a playwright. Emile Zola would be writing to the papers with this kind of thing and since he is my hero, I'll blog, even though I do not know if Zola himself could get past the creep factor inherent in blogging.

The big picture is that the story of Hilary Rodham that started at Yale and became a warrior for children and families is not finished.  She could be the first woman president.


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