Oh, you Christians.

The self-serving double-speak twaddle coming out of the mouths of the so-called leaders of Christianity, especially in the wake of the DOMA and equal marriage decision really gives me severe nausea.

The timidity and cowardice: the utter small-mindedness of Christians at this moment deeply saddens me. To me it is painfully clear that Jesus would have been out with Occupy.  The spirit of God lives in the spirit of the law and as long as our laws are unjust, we are that much farther from the Kingdom of Heaven. What would Jesus do about the degradation of the earth, the shrinking of civil liberties, the rising wealth inquality, the permanent wars?  What would he do? Tables would be overturned.

The sadducees and phariseehs of our time are the media and the celebrities that defend and perpetuate the status quo. Your tiny deviations so that you don't seem dorky over DOMA are not sufficient. Christians in alliance with Occupy could bring peaceful, sweeping change. You were so far on the wrong side of love for so long on Gay Rights. Believe me when I say I feel this is the first in a painful series of revelations: you weren't on the right side of income inequality. you weren't on the right side of the environmental movement, you are not on the right side of real democracy. Actually, you guys are wrong  - or at least trapped in the prevailing culture and unable to see the truth - on many things.

But you will have to be brave enough to follow the spirit, whether or not it is labeled with a cross.

I will write later about my new cool status as a Domestic Extremist. [HINT: It doesn't mean I am a clean freak.]


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