Kemble's Riot


Winner of the 'Best Theatre' award at Brighton Festival 2011 and following the hugely successful Edinburgh Festival 2012 run, UK theatre play Kemble's Riot is set to cause a stir at the FringeNYC this August 2013. The play was created by British playwright Adrian Bunting, who sadly passed away in May 2013 of pancreatic cancer; it was his dying wish and dream that the show would go on in New York. There will be five performances this August throughout the FringeNYC International Festival.

VENUE 17: The Players Theatre, 115 MacDougal Street
(West 3rd and Bleecker)
PERFORMANCE TIMES: 17-24th at various times. 

17th - 1:00
18th - 5:45
20th - 7:15
21st - 5:15
24th - 8:30

Kemble’s Riot tells the true story of the first iconic consumer revolt, set in London’s West End in the 19th century. In 1809, The Covent Garden Theatre burnt down, and theatre manager John Kemble had no insurance. In order to pay for the repairs, he put the ticket prices up. The people of London weren’t prepared to pay for his mistakes, and responded by rioting for 66 consecutive nights. Throughout the protest, the crowd shouted, sang and danced in an attempt to drown out the players and disrupt the shows.

Kemble's Riot sees the drama unfold with the audience joining in as members of the rioting pit. With pantomime-style responses, the audience are led by actors who move amongst them, directing the crowd to jeer, sing songs and dance, this is a gentle ‘joining in’, audience participation at its most enjoyable.

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