Repellent News About Public Drunkenness

Today Northamptonshire Chief Police Constable Adrian Lee proposed that the management of public drunkenness in the UK be privatized.

Various police associations here have complained about having to deal with drunk people and now - like with the courts - privatization creeps in.

Please let me get this straight - you take a populace, put them under pressure just to earn enough to survive and then you take their chief cultural outlet for release of that pressure - cheap booze -- and you take its misuse as an opportunity for a private company to earn revenues. In fact, Lee called for it to be prohibitively expensive.

If this isn't a huge, steaming helping of blame the victim, then I don't know what is.

Since when are the police so overburdened with drunks that they can't handle the situation? Are you kidding? UK police report crime figures have vanished into nothingness (see recent Economist cover story).

The populace of so-called first world countries are little more to their leaders than sources of income. Not only taxes, but extreme fiscal penalties for drunkenness, or shareholder profit to G4S for every arrest in the privatized justice system, or Innocent smoothies or pieces of data.  Humans are treated resources for shareholder return.

Examples like this are extreme and this proposal - I hope - will not go through. But if you are searching for an understanding of the relationship of the state to the populace, this is a good example. You are an opportunity for shareholders to make money. That is all you are. Now get back to work and don't complain. And don't bother the police, they are very busy.


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