Bill Clinton Hercules

So this play I am writing (tentatively) called Bill Clinton Hercules is going to the Fringe! Great luck!!!  It only took twelve years of concerted effort.

Bill Clinton Hercules is a one-man biopic performed as a fantasy TED Talk about Clinton’s favourite play, Cure at Troy by Seamus Heaney but is really a study of his heart and the future betrayal of Hillary.   

The play will be performed by Kansas City actor and artistic director Bob Paisley and directed by my ace in the hole in this operation, Guy Masterson.

Guy asked me to write the play when he found out that I had lived in Washington and was one (of many) lawyers representing Clinton in  Jones v Clinton. I then informed him that of course everything interesting I knew was privileged and couldn’t be put into a play. Fortunately it was too late for him to back out.  

The Fringe is the largest arts festival in Europe. It takes place in Edinburgh, in Scotland, about a 4 hour train journey (extremely pleasant) from London or Cambridge. It runs August 1 -25 this year. You will be able to buy tickets and get more information at the EdFringe and Assembly websites:

Way before August, in fact, two weeks from Monday, we have a trial run in Cambridge. We were lucky enough to be selected to perform an excerpt at The Junction in a few weeks. It’s a schoolnight and a Monday which is hardly ideal and the excerpt will only be ten minutes, there will be other local artists presenting their work. It would be great if you wanted to come. Please consider yourself invited.  

Tickets are £5. 


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