Three Day Play 2015: The Secret of the Baker

So a dozen kids are making a play with me and Sochel Rogers in my backyard. Here is my shot at a synopsis. A world divided into zombies and humans. A town with a camp for the zombies. Some humans feel kindly toward them, but the intellectuals, fearing their tempers, seek to eradicate them.

The action opens in the neutral territory outside the camp where the baker Alicia is hawking her baked goods. Enter Owlboy, looking for a man named Bob. He is warned away from the zombie camps by the baker. Blueberry, a witching student (thank God there is only one Hogwarts student in this production, this is the fourth Three Day Play, in the first two years it was nearly all of them) - Blueberry is robbed by a mercenary. Owlboy stops the theft. More by luck than skill, because Owlboy is just a normal human orphan. Owlboy does not find Bob.

  In a corner of the neutral territory Bob sits in a cafe. A kindly 55-year-old man named Bob, a former police officer, he has come to town to produce a zombie show. He befriends the public relations person for the zombies​, who is herself a zombie -Gertrude . He convinces Gertrude (and also Gerald Lizzie Duckworth​ her PR assistant who could only join us today) to help him put on a zombie show in the neutral territory. Gertrude and Gerald agree. The last zombie show had ended in chaos and anger and the creation of the camps for the zombies. So Gertrude and Gerald are being very brave.

Two healers who witness the petty thief stealing the wand lure him back to their sanctuary. They want to hire him. They seek to make a potion to turn zombies back to humans.  For this they need him to steal the secret of the baker. He figures he is too expensive for them but then they promise to make him a potion to bring back his memory if he can steal the secret. He agrees.

Another intergalactic mercenary - this one a cat -- breaks into the house of the nearby inventor. He begs the the inventor to make him a human disguise to end his lifelong loneliness. The inventor cannot be bought, but her fondest wish is to be the greatest scientist and create a vaccine to prevent humans from becoming zombies. For this she needs the secret of the baker. (The baker is like the old lady in the Matrix she can change people into zombies and does so at will, so both the inventor and the healers think she holds the key.) So two mercenaries going after the baker. The amnesiac is unsuccessfully questioning her about her secret when he is tackled by the cat. They have a vicious fight, broken up by the beloved superhero Owl Boy. The baker beseeches the mercenaries not to eradicate the zombies, and all are moved to tears by the incredible cuteness of two zombie children who wander into the bakery. Somehow I find my daughter cast in this role. She seems to enjoy it when people sob at how cute she is.

Owl Boy returns to the neutral space where people slowly lead him to Bob. He tells Bob he will kill him because Bob killed his parents. Owl Boy takes off his mask when he announces this grave intention. The sight of Owl Boy's face restores Bob's memory and he explains he is Owl Boy's father and not a killer. Owl Boy satisfies himself that Bob speaks the truth and they embrace.

The mercenaries -now in love with zombies- return to the humans who hired them and explain that they refuse to go after the secret of the baker. (this is also name of play).  However, the cat still wants his mask and the amnesiac still wants his potion so they demand payment. (Only in England would this be a plot point.) The humans refuse but give the mercenaries a chance to earn their payment. The healers and the inventor both want to show the mercenaries the justness of their cause as well, so they go to Bob's show in the neutral space and attempt to trigger the uncontrollable Zombie temper. They hassle Blueberry, a new zombie now, until she runs into the Zombies as they start their dance. The neutral space and Bob's festival ignite in a huge fight. Owlboy is gravely injured; fighting ceases as they gather in concern. The healer is called. The healer's assistant and the zombies quickly gather unripe apples and holly leafs and cure Owlboy. All are united in the effort and agree to live in peace and get rid of the zombie camps. They all dance.

It's on tomorrow. Please don't email me pointing out gaping holes in the plot until it's all over. This is exhausting but it's also good. The Secret of the Baker is a good show.


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